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Forza Canzone d’Italia nel mondo! comes to Adelaide

Forza Canzone d'Italia nel mondoOn the occasion of the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy, Teddy Reno, under the patronage of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, conceived an international event that, starting from Italy and with the help of the Internet, will visit the major cities of the 6 Continents, thus reaching the Italians living abroad in 2014-2015.


FORZA CANZONE D’ITALIA NEL MONDO!, which will be organised in close collaboration with Comites and local Italian Associations, aims to encourage not just our compatriots overseas, but also foreigners to write new songs that will revive the ‘great Italian melody’ which excelled since Caruso, during most of the last century.


For further information and to register in Australia please call Angela Cutrì on (08) 83565116 or (08) 82123599 or write to:


To read the regulations please visit the following website:


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